About Us


Way back in the yesteryears of 2017, photographer and luxury tour guide Stuart Deming, wanted a way to bring his knowledge of Nashville to everyone he met. New neighborhoods were being developed, companies were moving their corporate headquarters to Nashville, and new restaurants were popping up what seemed like weekly. From Stuart’s explorations in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, he had also discovered hidden gems that were rarely known, even amongst the locals.

Through the well known platform of Instagram, Stuart met fellow photographer and videographer Erin Pennington. Together, they hatched a plan to bring their taste of Nashville to the locals and tourists alike. In May of 2018, they clicked publish on their first YouTube video, “A Brief History of Nashville.” 

Following this adventure, you could find Stuart and Erin on the streets of Nashville, with a camera in hand, always looking for ways to show their favorite spots of Nashville to anyone who would watch. 

In the late summer of 2019, the podcast Nashville Daily was launched, bringing daily conversation to the topics, events, and the food that were on the hearts and minds of the locals. Nashville Daily has gone on to interview local entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, city officials, and local musicians of all genres. 

XPLR exists today to bring you the best (and most fun) information on the great city of Nashville.

Our Mission

To Create Actionable Content for People To Fully Experience Their Local Communities

Our Team

Stuart Deming

Stuart Deming is widely considered one of the best content creation experts both in Nashville and across the state of Tennessee. His eye for telling stories about history parallels with his love for anything pertaining to hospitality.

Erin Pennington

Originally from Kentucky, Erin's experience in video broadcast and production now spans more than a decade. Erin's ever growing portfolio of work includes: short film, mini documentaries, producing live sports broadcasts for ESPN, to creating multiple brands and YouTube channels using the XPLR teams creative content marketing and storytelling techniques.